The software For Public Works is an asset management system, they serve majorly in USA and Canada. The keep a track of all the assets and their related task with their comprehensive desktop application.
Their work requires the users to visit the locations and perform the required operation and the desktop application did not provided any mobility. So they required a solution developed for mobile, which can perform the required on site operations and sync the information to their central server
We suggested the development of a mobile application, optimized for tablets. We choose Xamarin for faster cross platform development of the application. The data is stored on Azure’s cloud database and synced with the application before it is used. The syncing allows the use of application even in offline mode. The application is integrated with Maps to show assets across the location, along with directions to reach to them. The application extends the functionality available in the desktop application allowing users to perform the required operation on site without the limit of connectivity.
Customers of Pubworks will use the application to maintain their registered assets with the application.
New service requests can be published
Attend work orders
Perform inspection of the assets using the application, all from the location of the asset.
The application also allows to browse existing assets in the system as list or on map.
They can also add, edit the assets, which are synced to the main server in real time
iOS and Android mobile application, optimized for higher resolution screens
Offline synchronization
Google maps integration with layers drawing
In sync with the desktop application in real-time.