Health Care EMR Solutions

Our clients challenge was the need for a bulk data import system, instead of inserting records one by one. They also had a need for an offline delivery feature. Our client had a big challenge to make this existing system support many clinics needs at one time.
To support bulk import data, we created a console application with an ASMX service to communicate with web application.
The console application would scan an excel file for the bulk data, and then through the service it would insert records into the server database.
This is an automated process that only needs to run whenever we they needed to import bulk record.
For offline support, we have created a WPF application, through which we performed the offline delivery and then
synced the delivery data by ASMX services when be online. This was a more efficient way to handle records for clinics. We reduced the functionality without affecting other functions that were critical to the clinic process.
Medical process reporting
Digital signature feature
Workflow template process – alternative of physical paper process and custom forms
Offline functionality support
ASMX services support
Windows services for periodic task support
MVP pattern based application
Repository pattern
Rich Telerik controls
The bulk data import process with console application and ASMX service, was a great solution and is currently successfully running within the clinics system. Our Client was very happy with this implementation that we developed a long term relationship were we did other followup projects for them.These projects had to do with wanting to increase the functionality through ASMX services and reduce the burden of date insert by user. Our Offline delivery solution was so successful that it is now known as HSMINI project.
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