SAAS Application

The Project is an extensive SaaS based solution that allows an organization to manage their employees, volunteers, mentors and contacts. The product is integrated with a number of modules that handles all the companies requirements ranging from employees to product sales.
Our client provides websites and web based solutions to nonprofit and for-profit companies since 2003. During that time they observed that most of their clients required the same features. They were using different solutions as per the clients needs that resulted in duplicate data entry. This lead to the client having to make a heavy investment to maintain this process.
Our solution was to develop a SaaS platform focusing on each functional area of the enterprise. After extensive research on all our client processes, we divided our challenge into standalone modules that will complete all the functionality of that domain. The list of modules include, invoicing, membership, communication, people management and other key functions. Each of these modules were further researched in detail and a web solution was developed. These solutions were categorized under one name and the entire SaaS based solution became known as eWeb. This solution is vast enough to cover all the needs of their clients and was flexible enough to be duplicated over multiple organizations.
- Templating engine to create websites
- Online payment transactions with system generated invoices
- Modules to create customized events, groups, and job requests in the portal
- Detailed donation module for non profit organisations
- SEO optimized websites for easy discovery
We developed a secure platform following a modular approach. Now, our client will be able to choose features they require and will be able to add new modules as per new requirements. The solution is designed to allow their clients to customize and meet their clients current and future needs. This platform provides clients with not only bug support, but ongoing updates, and enhancements to the various modules that they subscribe to.