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At Successive Technologies we know fast growing companies spend a lot of time trying to hire quality IT talent, but based on competition and budget, they have a hard time filling those roles. That's why we created an On-Demand IT Services model that will help companies sprint from project to project using our experienced team of IT Folks (no down time). There are many companies that write code, but we specialize in helping you design and develop the right code for your offering.




Your company lead works with our business analyst team to establish work requirements and specs based around our list of services.


Based on your requirements we would recommend the number of team members for that project. We manage the day-to-day of this team so you won't have to worry about it.


Once we have your team in place, we follow an agile methodology, which allows for seamless communication and adjusting to requirements on the fly. We assign your team a dedicated dashboard that they update daily so you stay informed at all times.

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